Delicious American Restaurant in Douglas, AZ

Come and try a delicious American restaurant that serves up classic favorites at affordable prices. Golden Time Restaurant in Douglas, AZ, is a fast food restaurant with a large menu of traditional comfort food favorites.

We always serve up hot and delicious food that will fill your tummy for the day ahead. 

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Why Choose Us

● Hot & Delicious Food

● Family-Friendly Restaurant

● Great Prices 

Laid-Back Atmosphere

When people walk into our American restaurant, we want them to feel relaxed and comfortable. That’s why we promote a laid-back and family-friendly atmosphere in our restaurant, and we are welcoming to everyone. 

Breakfast, Lunch & Dinner

Our American restaurant serves up great food for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Golden Time Restaurant wants to be known as the go-to place in our community for fresh food anytime our customers want it. We provide an amazing menu that covers all three meals of the day. 

Affordable Prices

Nothing pairs better with a delicious burger restaurant than outstanding prices, and our food is priced so that you can bring the entire family in without worrying about the cost. Our customers don’t have to stress about breaking the bank for a quality meal when they come through our doors. Everything here is hot, delicious, and affordable!

Call Today

Come try the best American restaurant in all of Cochise County. Give Golden Time Restaurant a call today and learn more about our business and the delicious food we offer to our customers. We look forward to serving your entire family a delicious meal. 

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